해외인턴십 (영국 - 런던 UK Work) 오리엔테이션


   1.     Students must be aware that the programme target is to ‘experience work and English language’, not to seek new skills which they can put onto their CV


2.     British work culture, especially at small companies, is for everyone to job-share. This usually involves management dealing with ‘unimportant tasks’. For example, making coffee for the staff. The interns are also expected to take part in such work.


3.     A positive attitude is one of the most important characteristics that employers give when choosing an intern. Even if their English is not perfect, the employer would accept the intern if they think they will fit in with their team


4.     High expectations are always the main problem that students have. They should go into work with the attitude of a learning experience, especially learning English in a real environment. They should not expect great responsibility in their placements, this happens rarely. Initially they are given basic tasks; their responsibilities may change as the employer gets to know them. Even if the responsibilities do not change the intern should make the most of the placement – learning English is an ongoing process, something new can be learnt every day.


5.     The companies are not obliged to pay the students any salary. Sometimes travel expenses are paid. Students should not ask for this, the employer will mention it to them.


6.     Standard working hours are 9am to 6pm with 1 hour for lunch. Interns will never be expected to work more than 40 hours in one week.


7.     It is impossible to find paid part-time work. If there are occasions when the student must be absent from work, the employer must always be asked first (not told). The placement must be treated as a job, students must be professional in their behaviour at work.


8.     If there are problems at work the correct procedure is as follows:


A. If the student wants different responsibilities or more English practice they should speak to their employer and ask them politely; do not demand anything.


B. If the situation will not change (and the employer has said as much) then the student should contact RILC who will then try to solve the problem. It is not automatic that the placement will be changed, this is always the last resort.


C. If the student is not happy with the UNN-RILC decision they can then contact UNN-Interglobal in Korea.


9.     Students must be prepared to accept a placement in any of their 3 choice areas. UNN-RILC will try to satisfy the first choice but there is no guarantee.


10. If a student is not prepared to accept a placement there must be a good reason. Normal travel (commute) time in London is 60 minutes one-way, a long commute is not an acceptable reason. Ethnic group of the workers is also not a valid reason; London is the most multi-cultural city in the world and there are British nationals from almost every race and culture in the world.


11.  Students are not taught English during the internship. They should not expect their employers or colleagues to teach them or help them with their English.



English Level

 We feel that for 4&4 programmes, the students' level needs to be at least Upper Intermediate, as there is not enough time for them to improve significantly. This is especially true when they come in a group and tend to speak mainly Korean with each other.

For the 8&8 programme, we can accept intermediate students on condition that they accept that their internship might not be in the field which they requested... 

We can find internships for lower level students in business support / customer services, where they will work in an English-speaking environment, but doing fairly simple basic tasks, with very little responsibility.

Any kind of position involving creativity or responsibility (e.g. fashion, design, marketing) will need a strong Upper Intermediate level and an excellent CV. This means that if they do not have any work experience, they must put ALL the relevant subjects which they have studied, and any projects / competitions / volunteer work.

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