lNX Los Angeles is an intensive English school committed to providing a complete English education. 

We provide students with experiences in academic settings while striving to give students experiences in the social settings that make an English education complete. 

Our goal is to ensure that our students flourish in not only the important realm of academics, but also to oversee achievement in professional and social skills. 

Our program is designed to focus on the core of English language as well as culture, customs, and the nuances of interacting in the 21st century.

Costs / Tuition:

Full Time : Intensive English  $999 a month (For a limited time - Hybrid / On-Line  $400 a month!)
Part-Time : General English  $899 a month (For a limited time - Hybrid / On-Line  $350 a month!)
Application Processing Fee : Full Time $100 / Part Time $60 (this fee is non-refundable)
DHL Documents Shipping Fee : (Full Time Only-$85 (this fee is non-refundable)

INX Los Angeles is a Private Institution and is approved to operate by the State of California Bureau of Private Post-Secondary Education. Approval to operate means compliance with state standards as set forth in the California Private Post secondary Education Act of 2009. Visit the BPPE here.

About Antioch Los Angeles
Antioch University is a progressive, learner-centered university and a place were individual spirit thrives and community grows.
With more than 8,000 distinguished alumni, Antioch has been honored to serve the diverse communities of the greater Los Angeles area since 1972.
Antioch’s core values of social justice, service to the community, and lifelong learning compromise the heart of its undergraduate and graduate degree programs.
The undergraduate and graduate degree programs of Antioch are distinguished by their rigorous, interdisciplinary curricula, which invite its students to approach the world as curious, critical thinkers. Antioch’s experiential learning model combines dynamic classes, workshops,and seminars with hands-on training in the field, allowing students to apply newfound skills in real-world settings.