Courses in the United States


We offer a variety of programs, flexible schedules and a personal approach. Our goal is to provide you with the most effective learning experience possible.


The Intensive English program offers classes focused on speaking, listening, reading, writing, and grammar. Each class is taught by extremely experienced teachers. The average class size is between 8 and 10 students. The maximum class size is 15 students with a minimum age requirement of 16. Activities are scheduled each week and include “Living Language Labs,” sightseeing trips, entertainment, and volunteer activities.  A new session starts every four weeks, so you can register any time of the year. Classes are from Monday to Friday, for a total of 20 hours a week. Student Visa: Required


In this shortened version of the Intensive Program, you will study reading, writing, listening, and speaking. This program allows more free time to experience culture outside the classroom. Classes are from Monday to Friday, for a total of 15 hours a week. Student Visa: Not Required

Special Intensive

Students who participate in the Special Intensive program may also join an Academic (TOEFL), Business, or Culture class, in addition to the Intensive classes. Contact your center to get more information about the classes they offer.

Intercultural (Salt Lake City only)

Intercultural programs are very flexible, provide great learning opportunities, and are fun, fun, fun! The Intercultural programs are open for individual enrollment or for groups. This program is offered in January and July, special dates throughout the year are available for groups. Contact us for detailed itineraries. Optional Excursion Packages (OEP) with tours to Disney Land, Hollywood, Universal Studios Hollywood, etc. are also available.

English Plus Shopping (Salt Lake City only)

This program offers English classes in the mornings, and fun activities and shopping in the afternoon. You will learn how to make holiday crafts, decorate cookies, and take advantage of great holiday discount shopping. Starting in November and ending before Christmas, this program gives you an opportunity to experience the American holidays without missing Christmas in your home country.

Half-Half Program (Indianapolis only)

This program allows advanced students to study part time at Internexus and part time at the university. After this program, your transition into taking academic classes on campus for credit will be easier.

Pre-MBA (Indianapolis Only)

English classes for those who want to take a Master of Business Administration degree.


Classroom Experience

Our highly-qualified, dedicated ESL teachers will help you use the newly acquired language patterns in role-plays, journal writings, classroom discussions and group presentations.  You will learn the language fast and easy like never before.


  • Application Process (non-refundable fees)
    $100 Application fee
    $70 for Express Mail
    $100 (SLC) /$145(SAN) for Homestay Application

    Intensive Program
    2 weeks = $500
    4 weeks (1 session) = $1,000

    2 weeks = $450
    4 weeks (1 session)= $900

    2 weeks = $350 / $450
    4 weeks (1 session)= $700 / $900

    Airport Pick-up
    $40 (SLC) / $50 (SAN)

    $115 per month

Live the English Culture

Our goal with events and field trips is to immerse you into local English culture. Whether in England or the U.S.A., our motto is to help you attain an excellent hold on the English language. To attain excellence, we start and end everything in English.

What our Students are Saying...

  • vanessa
    "I love the small classes
     and the friendly teachers"
  • Taiko
    "The best experience of my life"
    "Dynamic classes and
     lots of fun activities"
  • "Best teachers ever!

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Housing in the United States

Experience a home away from home! We can arrange a wonderful host family for your stay at any of our locations. Our host families love hosting students from everywhere. Most families have been hosting our students for many years. Internexus visits each family, to make sure we offer a safe and pleasant environment for our students.  

Other Housing Options for Indianapolis

On-campus housing at the University of Indianapolis is only available from mid-May until the end of the second week of August. If you are interested in on-campus housing during these dates, you must contact the Center Director for more information. Food service is also available, but on a limited basis. Need help with apartment hunting?

Welcome to INX San Diego


INX San Diego is a leading English Education Network in the world. We are focused on immersive English courses worldwide! Want to live in San Diego while becoming fluent in English?

Our Teachers Our qualified instructors have years of experience teaching English as a second language, domestically and internationally. Each teacher holds a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree / Master’s degree and TESOL Certification. They are devoted to creating a lively, challenging learning environment that allows you to make maximum progress with both your spoken and written English. During your course, you will learn practical academic and communication skills along with the most useful vocabulary, grammar, and communication skills. Your teachers will provide student focused classes for learning that strive for academic advancement.

*Our Center Balanced Nationality Mix  Internexus San Diego hosts students from all over the world!

*Great Location
You will find great trendy (Popular place) coffee shops, restaurants and parks just outside our door. Just 10 minutes from downtown San Diego. Free Parking!

*Excellent Free Tutors We also offer free conversation partners! Our experienced tutors know exactly how to get you speaking right away.

*Modern Technology Our freshly remodeled classrooms are equipped with flat screen TV’s and free Wifi. All the classrooms have chrome cast.

*TOEFL Practice Our school is equipped with laptops for practice TOEFL testing and self practice for all levels. (Coming Soon!) Internexus San Diego also has loads for TOEFL practice exams.

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